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Inverter ESM series

The ESM are advanced technology Inverters , featured by an extreme easiness of use and by a very good quality/price ratio.

They are available in 18 sizes , from 0,37 kW up to 2,2 kW in single phase version and from 0,37 kW up to 22 kW in three phase version, for output frequencies up to 240 Hz (1000 Hz by request ) 
Three on-board functions and relatively few parameters make their programming extremely easy. An EPM module, on purpose designed for this series of Inverter, will store the setting parameters on a programmable chip, placed on the front panel of the unit and easily replaceable in case of a modification.

Vectorial Inverter, ADV 200 siries

The new inverter series “ADV200” represents an innovative concept in drivetechnology, as a result of the constant technological research and of the experienceacquired keeping a constant presence aside that of the major sectorplayers.The new range has been engineered and developed to satisfy the real needsof System Integrators and OEM’s in order to provide them the best innovationsand economical competitiveness in the international markets.Based on full mechanical modularity and on a powerful, intuitive and “fullyopen” programming platform, ADV200 offers absolute integration flexibilitywith high-end performance in any system architectures of the most advancedautomation environments.Available in a large number of sizes with output powers from 30 kW to 1.2 MW.The inverters ADV 200 are can be interfaced with the following fieldbus: PROFIBUS, CANopen and DeviceNet.

On-board Integrated Inverter, MOTEC series

The Motec XE82MV..series, IP 65 protected, is the modern and simple solution for the speed regulation of AC motors.

They are available in 8 sizes, with output power from 0,55 kW up to 7,5 kW , and frequencies from 0 Hz up to 650 Hz. The constant torque field is 3 ÷ 50/60 Hz in open loop, while it is 1 ÷ 50/60 Hz in closed loop mode.
The input data are : three-phase, 320 ÷ 550 V , 45 ÷ 65 Hz. 
I/O modules , either standard or application dedicated, and BUS modules are available. Among the available options we remind the remotable keypad and the on board potentiometer.

Digital Soft Starter, DX series

Advanced design Soft Starters , complying with UL standards, they are able to control standard three phase cage rotor motors in order to reduce Amps and Torque at starting. They are available in 5 sizes , for nominal currents from 8 A up to 310 A and they are equipped with inner by-pass relay. The digital design makes possibile to carry out additional functions other than the simple starting management. Their control and adjustment can also be done through RS 485 serial line.


Motori raffreddati ad acqua, Generatori, Motori Media Tensione, Motori elettrici asincroni trifase IE2-IE3 fino ai 1.000 Kw, Riduttori, Inverter e Lavori di Carpenteria e Automazione Industriale.


Water cooled motors, Generators, Medium Voltage Motors, Three-phase induction motors IE2-IE3 up to 1.000 Kw, Reduction gears, Inverters and Metal Structural Fabrication. 

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